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Holidays During a Pandemic: How to Keep Safe While Celebrating the Season

Holidays During a Pandemic: How to Keep Safe While Celebrating the Season

Celebrating the holiday season will surely take a different look with COVID-19 cases still very much active. Fortunately, you can still make the most out of your celebrations with modifications and safety measures in place.

As your provider of personal care services in Georgia, we at My Healing Angels Home Care Services enumerated ways for you to stay safe while celebrating the festivities with your family.

  • Ready disinfectants such as sanitizers, alcohol, antibacterial wipes, etc., and place them strategically around the house to encourage everyone to use them.
  • Cancel all unnecessary travel this year. If you’re hosting this year’s celebrations, consider skipping your hosting duties this time, especially if you have a loved one receiving home care services, such as in-home dementia care and other related services.
  • If prior arrangements have been made and you have the most favorable or safest setting, make sure to keep your guest list short. Stick with the people you live with if possible. Exclude anyone who may be living with someone receiving senior care services in Conyers, Georgia at the moment; for instance, your aunt who is currently living with their father.
  • Make sure that everyone wears a mask appropriately. Do not invite anyone who refuses to do so.
  • Be strict about sharing utensils, drinks, meals, and other shareable items. Opt for biodegradable single-use options, such as paper plates, condiment boxes, etc.

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